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I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001.
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A New App Uberizing Legal Services

The new Law App (“the LApp”) heralds the Uberization of legal services.

The LApp will enable you to summon the lawyer of your choice who will not only provide legal advice at an agreed hourly rate but also take you to where you want to go at no extra charge. This service transforms the much-maligned billable hour into the essential ingredient of fee transparency.

If you do not like the advice, you can stop the clock, get out, hail another lawyer or just discuss your legal problem with an Uber driver of your choice. There will be no more waiting in shabby lawyer’s offices; you select the quality of the vehicle, the uniform and even the disposition of the lawyer/driver (“LD”).

The clock only starts once the LD with the requested specialisation arrives at your door.

The ability to review the LD is a Premium Feature of the LApp available at an additional charge. Due to its popularity, extra servers are being laid on in Arizona.

The LApp also offers judges (JDs”) and mediators (“MDs”).

A JD will pick you up and determine your dispute during the journey. The JDs will be just as cantankerous as any taxi driver. However, you can end the tirade at any time, an option not available in court.

An MD will conduct the mediation during the journey. Some mediations may need to start off in two separate vehicles taking different routes to avoid unpleasant exchanges at traffic lights or in heavy traffic.

There are plans for volunteer juries to be empanelled to assist in making a decision in your matter. A coach with a well-stocked bar and an enticing destination should eliminate reluctant jurors.

You will arrive at your destination with your legal problem solved without the usual delay.

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