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Book Review : Insufficient Legal Content

For lawyers, the accusation of "insufficient legal content" is up there with being no good in bed and a lousy driver.

A letter from the Law Society Gazette, Law Society of Ireland highlights the traditional cunning in writing long and turgid legal books to avoid scrutiny...

Book review – I’ll have the law on you, the selected letters of John Fytit

Thank you for sending us a copy of your book so that the Gazette Editorial Board could consider it for possible review.

The board decided at its meeting today not to assign your book for review, as it was deemed to have insufficient legal content for the Gazette readership.

Yours etc.

Reply :

Have the solicitors of Ireland not got enough legal content of their own to be going on with without making demands on mine?

This sounds like the work of some fresh-faced chancer in the Society’s marketing department, eager for promotion who has convinced the Board that Irish solicitors want legal content.

Unless this is some sort of new EU quota, I am afraid that this is all the legal content .........


Paul Brennan

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