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Paul Brennan, Lawyer, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Car Parking Space Abuse

There is a time in a movie when the mild mannered citizen finally cracks and seeks retribution. This is how I felt the other morning when someone parked in my car parking space. In Queensland, we do not strap on our Colt 45, or load up our shotgun we use stickers.

Despite being red, bearing the word WARNING, containing threats of a financial penalty  and the car being towed away stickers have proven less effective than lynching.

One problem is that the sticker repeats the same threats that appear on the Warning Sign which the offender ignored on the way into the car park. To be effective threats must escalate. For instance, attach a rock to a sticker bearing the words “We know where you live”.

If your Warning Sign is being ignored ditch the legalese and put something more compelling such as “Ebola Research Centre”.

Victims are urged not to place the sticker on the windscreen but on a side window so that the offender’s line of sight is not impaired during the getaway. Whereas victims call for poster sized Warning Stickers.

At midday I looked out the window, the offending car was gone and I reclaimed my space. It was then that three things occurred to me:
1.       It had been the morning of our trust account audit;
2.       The auditor had left just before noon; and
3.       As I had stuck the sticker on the windscreen I was impressed by  the neatness of the car interior.

Whether or not, it was a friendly fire sticker incident we will hopefully never know.

Would it help to give Warning Stickers legal authority? Yes, but only if there was someone (possibly  a masked stranger)  ready  to enforce such laws against wrong doers.

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