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I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001.
Paul Brennan, Lawyer, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

The family lawyer is dead

Q. Our family has had the same lawyer for years but in his efforts to be even-handed he seems to be giving equal weight to the views of my daughter-in-law even when they contradict my own.

A. The day of the genial lawyer steering generations of the same family through their legal affairs has gone. We have had to specialise as family members have become more self-centred and unwilling to follow the guidance of the matriarch.

There are specialist lawyers for each member of the family. One national law firm, “Drinking Works” has gone after the trillion dollar “wastrel sons” market. The moment it got out that interviews were held in the local bar starting at lunchtime the work dried up for the rest of us.

I have had to re-organise my firm and decided to target the unappreciated husbands and fathers market which has long needed an advocate. I am considering rebranding my firm to “Wife Works” which I believe will have appeal to many husbands. I dismissed the idea of “Child at Uni Works” after several trials.

With both husband and wife separately represented, Saturday night arguments would need to be rescheduled to office hours  leading to increasingly peaceful “off the record” weekends. A wife’s alleged nagging would take the form of carefully crafted letters and result in less repetition. A detailed and accurate record of the husband’s failings would be available for later court proceedings and the wife’s friends, over coffee.

What slightly crazed and cranky uncle would not be happier with an equally irrational lawyer being irritated on his behalf? Larger law firms could stop hiding such practitioners or forcing them into practice on their own. 

With animal rights specialists, the family dog could demand rather than beg.

A Mother-in-Law Law Specialist can give you the support and empathy that you may need.

Extract from - I'll have the law on you -selected letters of John Fytit to be published later this year. 

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