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I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001.
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The Awardless

Dear John

As much as I try, why does everybody win business awards except me? 
RM, Sydney

Dear RM

Such is the proliferation of award ceremonies, I know of lawyers who are more decorated than Audie Murphy* and even though they readily admit that it is not a reflection on their abilities there is increasing pressure on we the “Awardless”. It has even been suggested by one client that I merge with a serial Awardling to “fill the empty shelves in my reception”.
I have never sought any recognition or praise for my work, which my wife says is probably just as well. However, my principled non participation is now characterised as “Award Denying”.

You could sue the judging panel for being bias which may have the added advantage of discouraging future award panels from rejecting your award nomination without some consideration, however it may lead to accusations of sour grapes.

My advice is to join one of the many organisations offering awards and create your own category. For instance, an award for sober librarians or humble senior partners would certainly limit the legal field.

In awards, as in life, 85% success is turning up but it is possible to achieve a further 15% by changing the rules.

 John Fytit AO

*The most decorated soldier of WWII who was still receiving rewards in 2013 (30 years after his death).

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