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I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001.
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# 83. They give advice which can divide families

Legal message to fathers

After years of striving to bring home more and more bacon, fathers realise that however much bacon is brought home, there never seems to be quite enough.  For instance, daughter's wedding costs are adjusted to suit the money available as are demands for shoes, tops, foreign holidays, new cars etc.  Many fathers react to this by adopting a simple Buddhist-like life style knowing that any extravagance on their part may trigger another round of spending by the rest of the family. 
However, it does not need to be this way.  Fathers who turn to their lawyers for a solution have been advised to channel monthly family income to the lawyer’s trust account and allow their lawyer to deal with requests for finance by family members.   Such is the saving that there is soon enough money to accommodate any sensible request by the children.  Lawyers ensure that rather than the usual handouts, money is given to children by way of documented loans.  In some cases, it has been possible to reclassify previous handouts as loans, thus increasing the family's capital base.
The debts are immediately factored out creating a fund which can be the subject of further loans or just saved.  Factors rather than parents will pursue children for repayment thus reducing family contention.  Indeed, if children fall behind in repayments, parents have the funds immediately available to bail them out by way of further loans.  Children soon learn the value of money and some even stop approaching their parents for money at all.
Fathers can soon easily afford the gardeners and tradesmen to undertake the jobs that they tend to avoid doing each weekend.
Fathers will finally be able to afford the Harley Davidsons, Hawaiian Shirts and gold chains which make their life a little brighter.
With the help of their lawyer, fathers can forsake their unfulfilling and impoverished existence to become once again the fun loving, generous people they once were before they had children.    
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