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I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001.
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# 45. They take their time

The UK's longest trial lasted for 2.5 years. It was the McLibel case where McDonalds sued two people who complained about the food. McDonalds won. It should have been a lot shorter but it kept repeating on itself.

Other cases, as opposed to just the trial have lasted much longer.

A case in NSW has just finished after 65 years. However, the prize must go to Indian lawyers who in the Hindu Temple case ( 1205-1966) kept the case going for an incredible 761 years. Since then, Indian lawyers have moved on and by applying modern day court techniques, such as mediation this could have been wrapped up by the time of the Mutiny.

One of the frequently stated reasons for the delay in these cases is the inconvenient death of the lawyer involved, helpfully put forward by the deceased former partners.

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