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I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001.
Paul Brennan, Lawyer, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

# 3. They can be a little tactless from time to time

Q. I am a young criminal lawyer. Custom dictates that after I lose a case I go down and visit my client in the cells. Although, I would regard myself as a fairly able conversationalist, it is difficult to know the right thing to say; I am reluctant to say “sorry”.

A. Small talk such as, “What are you doing for your holidays?” or “Nice weather outside” is inappropriate. Avoid sage advice such as, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime” as it could lead to a violent reaction. If an appeal is mentioned say that you will consider it, however hopeless it may be. Saying, “This is regrettable” is preferable to “Sorry” as the latter could be interpreted as an admission that it was your fault and could be cited in an appeal. On leaving, a simple “Good bye” is best rather than “Cheerio”, “Call me” or “we must do lunch sometime”.

Extract from John Fytit’s International Legal Problem Page

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