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I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001.
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Book Review : I’ll have the Law on You: The Selected Letters of John Fytit

I’ll Have the Law on You is a politely amusing compilation of ‘legal’ and ‘life’ advice provided by fictitious lawyer, John Fytit, in response to legal questions received from judges, prosecutors, politicians, lawyers and the odd wife.  I must confess I am not familiar with Brennan’s other works, including Hang on to It Girl: The Wily Woman’s Guide to Wills, though for US$5 on Amazon, I could be tempted.

For some, the creative advice of John Fytit may be a traumatizing self-reflection narrative.  Others may see his advice as safe ‘Golden Gavel’ material – the secret is out!  And others may just enjoy looking at the cartoon illustrations and consider a career change.

The book is divided into eight parts, including Career Advice and Self-Help and Advice on Issues Raised by People with Nothing to Do (the former part perhaps written by people mentioned in the latter part).

A few take home messages worth highlighting:

·         “It is not the lawyer who puts you on hold, it is the legal receptionist over whom lawyers have little control.”
·         Public Servant Query: “As a reward for long service, I have been offered a job of Ombudsman.  However, it sounds a little bit too challenging so near to my retirement.  I am concerned that it may be too taxing and argumentative” … John Fytit’s response: “The Ombudsman is not an advocate for complaints nor is he there to stick up for government departments.  He is somewhere in the politically correct but potentially ineffective middle.”

You have all now been warned!

Perhaps the hardest thing to swallow is the disturbing truth about Brennan’s observations.  Fytit’s responses are at times witty, cringe-worthy, a scary mirror to reality and a refreshing reminder that it cannot always be this bad.  I must admit a few chuckles and smirks escaped as I read.  At least Fytit’s receptionist has the nous to tell the clients that their lawyer is ‘currently unavailable’ rather than ‘Yes, your lawyer is in today but told me he/she doesn’t want to talk to you,’ a true story from a local Darwin firm.

Brennan is also the author of the following notable titles:

True, they did not teach this.

Rating: 3 out of 5 laughs.

Jenna Dennison, Senior Project Officer, Community Corrections / Department of Correctional Services

Jenna Dennison's review also appeared in the Hong Kong Lawyer, the official journal of the Hong Kong Law Society

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