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Do all lawyers shout?

Dear John

I have just married a lawyer and found that the shouting actually increased after the wedding. Do all lawyers shout and is there anything that I can do about it?

Concerned newly wed

Dear CN

Not all lawyers shout. There are lawyers who prefer malevolent silences, which are only sometimes accompanied by angry outbursts, called judges.

But, the law does seem to be full of people who do not listen. It can be due to arrogance, but more often it is the result of extreme deafness or the people listening to a lawyer tuning out, this is not only the clients. Therefore, when making an important point, shouting can be a useful tool.

You could find that your spouse with the passing of the years may change, but often with lawyers, it is not for the better.

Therefore, it is an inside job, acceptance being the key. For instance, as you get older, you may find the shouting, motivational and informative, rather than irritating.

On reflection, it may be best to get out now.


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