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I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001.
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Being put out to grass

Dear John,

After 25 years and several mergers I have found myself a partner at a large law firm which has decided to put me out to grass, a little bit like Logan’s Run. They have done so in a kindly, strategic manner and have given me an extremely generous severance package. I feel obliged to take it and go quietly rather than going legal.
(name and firm withheld)

Dear Anon,
Except for sexual harassment, which at your age is understandably not an issue, getting legal is too predictable.
There is a true story about an old miser in a small village in Germany who was very unpopular. When he died he left a will which gave generously to every single person in the village.  The will provided funds for a wake to which all the villagers were invited, the deceased was to be dressed in his best suit and laid out on his bed so that the villagers could pay their last respects.
The villagers went to his cottage, trooped up the stairs and stood around his bed. Just as someone had started to say he wasn’t so bad after all, there was a loud crash, the floorboards gave way and several villagers were killed.
The old miser had sawn away the joists underneath the floor boards.
Not only does this illustrate just one of the many advantages of having a will, it shows that revenge can be a coping mechanism for stressful situations.
After 25 years, you will have a corner (hopefully upstairs) office, coveted by every other lawyer in the firm. Immediately, after your departure they will all rush to your office to lay their respective claims……
Going gentle into that goodnight may be your most sensible option, but it is not your only option.
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