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I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001.
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# 95. They are never happy

John Fytit’s International Legal Problem Page.

Dear John
My lawyer has nagged me for years about making a will.  He said it is one of the cheapest legal things that I can do.  I finally gave him instructions but he expressed no joy at my change of heart. He then charged me like there was no tomorrow.
What's going on?
TN, Mauritius

Dear TN,
In the past, there was always an unspoken understanding that a client, having made a will, would do the right thing and promptly fall off the perch.  Now, even clients who have every intention of pegging it, seem to hang on.
Medical practice has changed. It used to be three score years and ten and that was your lot but now doctors  seem to go all out to keep people going. Losing a few patients, here and there, no longer seems acceptable to the medical profession. Doctors say that they are just trying to meet the elevated expectations of relatives as a result of hospital dramas.
Worse still, clients are being encouraged by well-meaning financial planners and others in the finance industry to make wills long before they have any intention of dying at all.  
Therefore, will prices which have traditionally been based on a quick turnaround, have had to go up. Some firms keep prices down by offering an Early Bird Discount to try to attract the more serious players who although dying still find it hard to resist a bargain. 
Try saying that you haven't been feeling well that may help.
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  1. Relying on legal advice from a fictitious cartoon character although cheap is imprudent.  However your own lawyer is always available as a poor second.
  2. John will try to deal with your question in this eZine.  As John is a two dimensional cartoon character it will not be possible for him to enter into personal correspondence with readers. 
  3. John like some other lawyers is not to be trusted with serious legal questions.

John Fytit is the name of the central cartoon charter in Law & Disorder cartoons which started in Hong Kong in 1992. He is from the fictitious Hong Kong firm Fytit & Loos (pronounced “Fight it and Lose”). A very unsuccessful name as people read “Fytit” as “Fit it”. The International Problem Page started in 2005.
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