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I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001.
Paul Brennan, Lawyer, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

# 33. They send out threatening letters

In 1946 the Warner Brothers lawyers told the Marx Brothers not to release their movie under the name "A Night in Casablanca" as it was too similar to their hit movie title "Casablanca".

Groucho Marx replied to the Warner Brothers’ letter before action:
“...You probably have the right to use the name Warner, but what about the name Brothers? Professionally, we were brothers long before you were.

….I am sure that the average movie fan could learn in time to distinguish between Ingrid Bergman and Harpo. I don’t know whether I could, but I would certainly like to try.

…It wouldn’t surprise me at all to discover that the heads of your legal department are unaware of this absurd dispute.

I have a hunch that his attempt to prevent us from using the title is the brainchild of some ferret-faced shyster, serving a brief apprenticeship in your legal department. I know the type well—hot out of law school, hungry for success, and too ambitious to follow the natural laws of promotion. Well, he won’t get away with it! We’ll fight him to the highest court! No pasty-faced legal adventurer is going to cause bad blood between the Warners and the Marxes".

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